Product Made from Recycled Materials

Circular economy thinking has been strongly implemented in Finnfoam’s activities, and our aim is to use as much recycled material in our production as possible. For more than 30 years, production of Finnfoam insulation products has produced no plastic waste and instead all off-cuts and panels that fail to meet requirements are recycled and reused as material in our production.

In 2019, we launched the FF-Recycling bags, which are used to collect plastic insulation waste at worksites and in hardware stores for reuse. This allows us to help our partners in recycling their plastic insulation waste. 

We use the collected waste in our production to make new products such as FF-EPS 60S SILENT and FF-FRAME.


Recycled EPS plastic insulation material is used in the production of the new ceramic-based FF-SILENT material as crushed filler. The innovative FF-SILENT material is effective as both sound insulation and fire proofing. It can also be used to replace rigid wool boards on low pitch roofs as a base layer for the roofing on top of FF-EPS insulation.


The FF-FRAME profiles were designed to withstand moisture and temperature variation. Up to 90% of the raw materials used for the product consist of recycled materials, i.e., crushed PIR insulation. Manufactured using a recycled by-product from the production of PIR insulation, the FF-FRAME profiles are used to frame and insulate window openings on exterior walls for the installation of windows.