The FF-EPS ETICS thin-coat render system is a cost-effective and energy efficient exterior wall solution. Pre-aged at the plant, FF-EPS ETICS offers an optimal foundation for render.

FF-EPS can withstand challenging conditions, repels moisture, and provides a level and sturdy base for applying render. Together with compatible render systems, the product has undergone demanding weather stress testing conducted by Tampere University of Technology.

The thermal conductivity of FF-EPS products is 0.031 W/mK, which is significantly better than that of traditional white EPS insulation products. The locking tongue and groove edges of the panels eliminate thermal bridging. In a structure comprising interior envelope elements, just 180 mm of FF-EPS ETICS insulation is enough to meet the requirements for a U value of 0.17 W7m2K as provided by energy efficiency regulations.

In order to reduce the operational emissions of a building and to combat increases in the price of energy, we recommend using 250 mm of FF-EPS insulation in new builds (U value 0.12). This solution is suitable for repair construction where it is always advisable to increase the insulation thickness as much as possible, thus allowing for significant reductions in heating costs.

The product is certified for insulating P1 fire class buildings with a height of less than 28 meters. The solution includes FF-PIR 200 AL in every other floor to function as a fire stop. One side of the FF-EPS ETICS panels features a fine grid pattern that improves adhesion to concrete elements.

FF-EPS ETICS is always installed with the logo side facing outward, and the surface of the panels should be roughened before installation.

The panels have tongue and groove on all sides and are available in thicknesses ranging from 100 to 400 mm, of which 100, 180, and 250 mm options are available off the shelf. The size of the panels is 600 x 1 200 mm, which allows for much easier handling and installation. The short-term compressive strength of FF-EPS ETICS panels is 60 kPa. Due to the fire retardant used in the FF-EPS ETICS products, their fire class is E.

Material: Expanded polystyrene
Color: Graphite gray


  • Dimensions
  • Technical details
Value Unit According to EN 13163 Standard
Length 1200 mm
Width 600 mm
Thickness 100 – 400 mm
Value Unit According to EN 13163 Standard
Thermal conductivity EN 13163
λ Declared 0,031 W/(m K) EN 12667, EN 12939
Thermal resistance, Rᴅ 3,20 – 11,30 m²K/W EN 12667, EN 12939
Compressive strength, short-term 45 days, ≥ 30mm 60 kPa CS (10/Y)60 EN 826
Bending strength 100 kPa BS100 EN 12089
Tensile strength perpendicular to surfaces 130 kPa TR130 EN 1607
Shearing strength 50 kPa SS50 EN 12090
Design stability 1 DS (70,90)1 EN 1604
Water vapor permeability 0,015 - 0,030 mg/(Pa·h·m)
Fire class E Rapattuna B-s1, d0 EN 13501-1
Service temperature -150... + 75
Indoor air emission class M1