Infra panels


FINNFOAM INFRA panels were designed to be used as a distributive layer and frost insulation for subsoil that has a low bearing capacity or is susceptible to freezing.


The FINNFOAM INFRA panels measure 600 x 2 600 mm and their thickness is 50 mm. If the site requires thicker insulation for frost protection, this can be achieved by using standard FINNFOAM panels in addition to the INFRA panels. The overall thickness of insulation is chosen according to the number of chilling hours in the area and the installation depth as per the standard procedure for designing frost protection. The short-term compressive strength of the panels is ≥ 300 kPa and the long-term compressive strength is ≥ 180 kPa. The modulus of elasticity of the FINNFOAM INFRA panels is ≥ 19 000 kPa and bending strength at 50 mm ≥ 1 200 kPa.


The bearing capacity of a mortar-coated FINNFOAM INFRA panel is significantly higher than that of standard FINNFOAM. This means that the panels can be used to create a distributive layer on top of foundation soil that has a low bearing capacity. This solution can be used to provide significant savings in terms of foundation costs, as a road or sidewalk can be founded without extensive replacement/stabilization of soil. Standard FINNFOAM can also be used to significantly reduce the need for soil replacement, but the benefits offered by the INTRA solution are substantially better.