Basement walls (CW)

CW-300 was designed specifically for insulating foundations and basement walls. The panel features tongue and groove edges, and one side of the panel has 10 x 15 mm grooves (against the basement wall) and the other 2 x 2 mm grooves.

CW-300 is manufactured from FINNFOAM F-300 strength class panels. Due to its fully consistent and closed cell structure, FINNFOAM (XPS) is a durable, waterproof thermal insulation product. FINNFOAM is excellently suited for use as frost insulation and for insulating base floors, walls, and ceilings. It is also perfect for various supplementary thermal insulation applications.

Material: Extruded polystyrene
Color: Light yellow

Pituus 2490 mm (+- 10 mm)


Panel Length Width Thickness
Finnfoam CW-300 2490 mm 590 mm 100 mm


  • Dimensions
  • Technical details
Value Unit According to EN 13164 Standard
Length 2490 mm
Width 590 mm
Thickness 100 mm
Value Unit According to EN 13164 Standard
Thermal conductivity EN 12667
λ Declared 0,037 [W/(m K)]
Compressive strength, short-term 45 days, ≥ 30mm 250 kPa CS(10/Y)250 EN 826
Compressive creep over 50 years 130 kPa CC(2/1,5/50)130 EN 1606
Design stability < 5 % DS(70,90) EN 1604
Water absorption when fully immersed in the long-term ≤ 0,7 t% WL(T)0,7 EN 12087
Freeze-thaw-resistance ≤ 1 t% FTCD1 EN 12091
Absorption of water by diffusion ≤ 2 t% WD(V)2 EN 12088
Water vapor permeability 150 μ MU150 EN ISO 10456
Capillarity 0
Fire class NPD
Thermal expansion 0,07 [mm/(m K)]
Service temperature - 150... + 75 EN 14706
Indoor air emission class M1