The standard flat-edged or rebated FINNFOAM panels can be used to thermally insulate walls, but we also offer products that specifically designed for this application. As a FINNFOAM wall structure can be built without separate vapor barriers or wind-proofing, the material cost of construction is reduced. In addition, the low number of work elements increases the efficiency of installation. The cost efficiency of a FINNFOAM wall is best illustrated by the enclosed comparison:

FINNFOAM FL-K600 insulation panels are suitable for frameworks constructed with a stud spacing of 600 mm (K600).


FINNFOAM FI-K600/250 mm.

The FINNFOAM wall insulation panels are designed for a stud spacing of 600 mm and provide savings in terms of both the number of work elements and space consumed by insulation. The panels are easy to install as they require no additional wind-proofing, vapor barriers or backing. Thin construction and cost-effective insulation thickness: 179 mm with a U value of 0.22–0.24 (insulation 140 mm) and 249 mm with a  U value of 0.15–0.16 (insulation 210 mm). FINNFOAM wall insulation panels offer all the great properties of FINNFOAM. The vapor barrier will not be punctured by nails, it functions in both directions, and the panels also provide a sturdy base for gypsum board used as interior cladding, for example.

All the thermal insulation required for the wall structure as well as the vapor barrier and wind-proofing can be provided with a single work element.

The structure is also very safe in terms of moisture performance, as the interior cladding follows the relative humidity of indoor air while the framework and exterior cladding follow the relative humidity of outdoor air. In addition, the completely consistent and closed cell structure of FINNFOAM prevents the formation of mold.

Structural airtightness is an important part of the energy economy of a building. The airtightness of a building is represented by the air leakage rate, which in a timber-framed building is 4 on average. By improving the leakage rate from 4 to 1, you can save 15% of the entire energy consumption of the building (small house). Studies show that FINNFOAM wall insulation is highly leak-proof – even at the joints! All joints should be sealed carefully with a flexible PU foam.


Included below are some examples of wall insulation panels.

FI-K600 210/65 mm (Ventilated Base Floors, Walls, and Ceilings)

FL-K600 210 mm (Ventilated Base Floors, Walls, and Ceilings)