Pipe enclosures

Pipe enclosures are delivered to construction sites as panels, which can be used to construct the enclosures quickly and easily, as the panels do not have to be cut, and the walls of the enclosure will stay firmly in their place. Installing sewer and water pipelines side by side within a pipe enclosure creates a heat exchange, which makes it possible to reduce the planting depth up to 50%. The enclosures are filled with a sand cushion, which also increases the storage mass within the enclosure.

The two smallest pipe enclosures (130 x 160 mm and 210 x 220 mm) are made from 70 mm thick FINNFOAM. The 500 x 285 mm enclosure is usually made from 50 mm thick FINNFOAM, but it can also be made from 70-mm panel on order. The largest pipe enclosures (1 000 x 585 mm) are manufactured made using 100-mm panel.

A single pack contains enough material for 5 meters of complete pipe enclosure (this includes the 160 x 130 mm, 220 x 210 mm, and 500 x 285 mm enclosures)

You will need four packs of the 1 000 x 585 mm enclosure to build 5 meters of complete pipe enclosure.

Material: Extruded polystyrene
Color: Light yellow


Panel Size (internal dimensions) width x length x panel thickness
Finnfoam Pipe enclosures 160 x 130 x 70 mm
Finnfoam Pipe enclosures 220 x 210 x 70 mm
Finnfoam Pipe enclosures 500 x 285 x 50 mm
Finnfoam Pipe enclosures 1000 x 585 x 100 mm


  • FINNFOAM pipe enclosure 130 x 160 mm (internal dimensions of the enclosure), (110 mm sewer + 40 mm water pipeline)
  • FINNFOAM pipe enclosure 210 x 220 mm (internal dimensions of the enclosure), (160 mm sewer + water pipeline)
  • FINNFOAM Pipe enclosure 500 x 285 mm (internal dimensions of the enclosure)
  • FINNFOAM Pipe enclosure 1 000 x 585 mm (internal dimensions of the enclosure)

F-300 Pipe enclosures

  • Dimensions
  • Technical details
Value Unit According to EN 13164 Standard
Length 160-1000
Width 130-585
Thickness 50-100 mm
Value Unit According to EN 13164 Standard
Thermal conductivity EN 12667
λ Declared 0,035-0,037 [W/(m K)]
λu, frost insulation 0,037-0,039 [W/(m K)]
Compressive strength, short-term 45 days, ≥ 30mm 250 kPa CS(10/Y)250 EN 826
Compressive creep over 50 years 130 kPa CC(2/1,5/50)130 EN 1606
Design stability < 5 % DS(70,90) EN 1604
Water absorption when fully immersed in the long-term ≤ 0,7 t% WL(T)0,7 EN 12087
Freeze-thaw-resistance ≤ 1 t% FTCD1 EN 12091
Absorption of water by diffusion ≤ 2 t% WD(V)2 EN 12088
Water vapor permeability 150 μ MU150 EN 10456
Capillarity 0
Fire class NPD
Thermal expansion 0,07 [mm/(m K)]
Service temperature - 150... + 75 EN 14706
Indoor air emission class M1