FINNFOAM is an XPS thermal insulation product that offers excellent resistance to moisture, freezing, and load. It retains its insulating capacity in even the most demanding conditions and is as well suited for use as frost insulation as it is for insulating floors, roofs, and walls and various supplementary thermal insulation applications.

FF-PIR is our response to the more stringent energy efficiency requirements, and it offers safe moisture performance and effective thermal insulation for roofs and walls. The high thermal insulation capacity allows for reduced structural thickness for dry roof and wall structures.

FF-EPS is a versatile and cost-effective solution for insulation floors, walls, and roofs. The gray FF-EPS provides approximately 20% better thermal insulation than traditional white EPS.

Tulppa wet room panels function as both construction boards and waterproofing material. Due to the patented installation system and integrated waterproofing, the panels are quick and easy to fit. The material can be cut easily with a utility knife or hand saw, and the lightweight panels are easy to handle.

Due to its unique 3D structure, the FF-FLOOR solution for slab-on-ground foundations requires 30 percent less concrete than traditional options, while also increasing the strength of the base floor structure by 20 percent. The products are easy to install and reduce the consumption of steel.

Manufactured using a recycled by-product from the production of PIR insulation, the FF-FRAME profiles are used to frame and insulate window openings on exterior walls for the installation of windows. The FF-FRAME profiles were designed to withstand moisture and temperature variation.

FF-SIGNAL is an affordable solution for ensuring signal strength inside apartments. The passive signal amplifier allows mobile phone signals to penetrate wall structures 30–100 times more effectively.