EPD, M1 Emission classification and statement about Nordic Swan Ecolabel 

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (RTS EPD) has been drawn up for each Finnfoam product. EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a voluntary, standardized method for presenting essential, verified, and comparable information on the environmental impact of construction materials in a reliable manner.

Life-cycle thinking is increasingly used in assessing the environmental impact of construction projects. The environmental impact of production and use of the materials, as well as the post-use impact, including the sourcing of raw materials constitute an important criterion in the selection of construction materials. With the RTS EPDs, designers, developers, and contractors are better equipped to understand the environmental issues related to construction materials.

Finnfoam (XPS), Environmental Product Declaration (RTS EPD) (PDF, 673 kB)

FF-EPS, Environmental Product Declaration (RTS EPD) (PDF, 613 kB)

FF-PIR, Environmental Product Declaration (RTS EPD) (PDF, 882 kB)

Tulppa, Environmental Product Declaration (RTS EPD) (PDF, 1 140 kB)

Styroplast Oy, Environmental Product Declaration (RTS EPD) (PDF, 721 kB)

Emission classification (M1)

The Building Information System RTS has granted Finnfoam thermal insulation products the M1 Emission Classification for low-emitting building materials.

Finnfoam (XPS) M1 Classification Certificate (PDF, 151 kB)
FF-PIR M1 Classification Certificate (PDF, 59 kB)
FF-EPS M1 Classification Certificate (PDF, 59 kB)
Tulppa M1 Classification Certificate (PDF, 60 kB)

Nordic Swan Ecolabel 

Finnfoam Insulation Products Are Suitable for Use in Projects Carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel 

Contractors, supervisors, designers, and clients of construction projects are increasingly interested in the environmental and health impacts of insulation products. A construction project may be granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel if all construction materials used meet the criteria specified for the relevant construction product category. 

Material qualities are compared based life-cycle assessments conducted for the products. A life-cycle assessment considers the assessed product’s raw materials, production, use of materials, and recycling. 

Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries, and it has been implemented by Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Finnfoam, FF-PIR, FF-EPS, and Tulppa products have been certified for use in buildings carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and they are included in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel database for construction products. Finnfoam products do not carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.