Base Floors

Finnfoam offers insulation solutions for all base floor structures. A slab-on-ground foundation is the most common type of base floor construction, and it requires particularly good resistance to water vapor, impermeability, and high compressive strength from the thermal insulation used. Finnfoam has designed an insulation solution specifically for timber-structured base floors, i.e., ventilated base floors, that offers safe moisture performance and is easier to install than other similar solutions. Finnfoam also offers various solutions for base floors constructed with hollow-core slabs.


The FINNFOAM, FF-EPS, and FF-FLOOR thermal insulation products are used for slab-on-ground foundations. FINNFOAM’s benefits include its safe moisture performance and strength, i.e., incompressibility. When using FF-EPS insulation products, their lower compressive strength and water vapor resistance should be taken into account in the designs.


Finnfoam’s insulation products designed for ventilated base floors have established themselves as an effective solution during their history of almost 20 years. Unlike traditional structural solutions, a single thermal insulation product allows you to carry out four work stages at once, thus providing substantial savings in construction costs. Gray FF-EPS or Styroplast Optima insulation products are typically used on the bottom surface of hollow-core slabs. FINNFOAM is the right solution when thermal insulation is installed on top of a hollow-core slab.


Due to its unique 3D structure, the FF-FLOOR solution for slab-on-ground foundations requires 30 percent less concrete than traditional options with a corresponding decrease in carbon footprint.