Planed and grooved (HU)

Width 600 mm (±5 mm), groove (1.5 x 4 mm) (width x depth)


Thickness (mm) Flat edge (FI)
F-300 F-400 F-500
19 HU19
25 HU25
30 HU30
36 HU36
40 HU40
45 HU45
46 HU46
50 HU50
60 HU60
70 HU70
80 HU80


Note! The thickness tolerance of HU panels is -0.5…+0.5 mm, and the standard panel size is 600 x 2 600 mm. The panels can also be manufactured in other thicknesses (5–110 mm), but the minimum order size for these is 100 m3.

These panels are also used in sandwich panel structures as thermal insulation for doors and automotive bodies.