Wet room panels for walls

The core of the Tulppa panels is made from FINNFOAM, i.e., extruded polystyrene, which is a waterproof and mold-proof material with a high thermal insulation capacity. No bromine compounds or other environmental toxins are used in the production of FINNFOAM. The FINNFOAM material and Tulppa panels carry the M1 emission rating for best quality of indoor air. The surface of the panel is covered with a special-purpose cement mortar, which is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. The panels can be attached on to all foundations.

Declared Thermal conductivity λ
Flat edge 12,5 mm 0,034 W/mK
Rabbet 20 mm, 30 mm 0,034 W/mK
Rabbet 50 mm 0,035 W/mK
Rabbet 80 mm

Dimensions of the Tulppa panel

0,037 W/mK

600 x 2600 mm


  • Dimensions
  • Technical details
Value Unit According to Standard
Length 2600 mm
Width 600 mm
Thickness 12,5 - 80 mm
Value Unit According to Standard
Thermal conductivity EN 12667, EN 12939
λ Declared 0,034 W/(m K)
12,5 mm – 30 mm paksut levyt
Compressive strength, short-term 45 days, 20 mm 250 kPa EN 826
Water absorption (FINNFOAM core) in long-term immersion ≤ 0,7 kPa EN 1607
Capillarity 0
Fire class NPD
Thermal expansion 0,07
Indoor air emission class M1