Finnfoam offers various insulation solutions for roofs depending on the type of structure. The most commonly used options are presented below. Finnfoam offers insulation solutions for each of these applications, but the insulation materials and structural solutions vary depending on the structure to ensure optimal fit.


Green roofs, roof terraces, and rooftop parking are the most common inverted roof structures. These structures demand the most from thermal insulation products, which is why only FINNFOAM thermal insulation should be used for them. An inverted roof offers various benefits including the capacity of a green roof to retain rainwater and create a more verdant urban environment, and the possibility to utilize roof areas for other practical purposes as well.


The effective FF-PIR insulation products offer excellent fire performance and allow you to minimize the thermal insulation thickness in roofs. FF-PIR insulation products can be used in all regular roof structures, such as sloping roofs, attics, and low pitch roofs.


FF-PIR is the most effective solution for low pitch roofs where it is necessary to minimize the overall thickness of the structure. FF-PIR also provides a sturdy base for solar panels and other technical equipment installed on modern roofs.


FF-EPS is a highly cost-effective solution for low pitch roofs. The FF-EPS insulation range includes panels featuring the SILENT coating, which can be used directly as a sturdy base for roofing as well as solar panels and various technical equipment installed on modern roofs.


In addition to inverted roofs, FINNFOAM is used generally as thermal insulation and supplementary thermal insulation in detached houses and holiday homes. For roofs with an on-center stud spacing of 600 mm (K600), Finnfoam offers a solution that is similar to the one used in ventilated base floors for faster and easier installation. The solution was designed for single-family houses and holiday homes. Standard FINNFOAM insulation products are also widely used for supplementary thermal insulation in detached houses.