Finnfoam’s FF-EPS 60S SILENT panels feature a 15–20 mm thick layer of the special SILENT coating on one side The SILENT coating has excellent soundproofing and fire performance, and it may be used to provide a foundation for cladding. The sturdy SILENT coating provides a perfect foundation for solar panels and other equipment to be installed on the roof later.

BROOF(t2) testing has been conducted on the panels with both PVC and bitumen cladding. The SILENT coating consists of lightweight, nearly incombustible Light Concrete Foam that offers a sturdy, non-compressive base for cladding materials. During installation, a network of channels is formed below the SILENT coating, which is designed to function as a ventilation network on low pitch roofs. There is also a tight grid pattern beneath the SILENT coating that regulates pressure and significantly boosts the operation of the ventilation network.

FF-EPS 60S SILENT reduces the cubic volume of material lifted on to the roof and allows for faster installation. The required U value of 0.09 can be provided with a single 320 mm thick panel, which allows for faster roof construction. The SILENT coating adds a 10 mm thick layer on top of the FF-EPS insulation, which means that the total thickness of 320-mm insulation with SILENT is 330 mm and the total thickness of 210-mm insulation with SILENT is 220 mm.

Insulation Thicknesses: 210 mm (U value 0.14) and 320 mm (U 0.09).

  • Fire safe material; fire class BROOF (T2).
  • Ventilated solution; regulates humidity.
  • Locking tongue and groove edge ensures sealed insulation layers.
  • Reduces the need to lift materials up onto the roof.
  • Lightweight to handle and easy to install.


The material used for gray FF-EPS contains graphite, and its declared thermal conductivity (λD) is 0.031 W/mK, which is significantly higher than that of the traditional white EPS. FF-EPS 60S SILENT was designed particularly for thermally insulating low pitch roofs. The panels have a locking tongue and groove profile on all sides, which makes it possible to provide leak-proof paneling without thermal bridging with a single layer of panels. The panel size is 600 x 1 200 mm and they are available in thicknesses ranging from 100 to 400 mm. The compact size makes handling and installation significantly easier. The short-term compressive strength of FF-EPS 60S SILENT panels is 60 kPa. Due to the flame retardant used in the FF-EPS 60S thermal insulation products, their fire class is E.


Kate Valmistaja
FF-EPS 60S SILENT x     Monarplan FM EM 1,2 mm Icopal Synthetic Membranes B.V.
FF-EPS 60S SILENT     x PintaPolar hitsattava + Polar hitsattava Icopal Oy
FF-EPS 60S SILENT x     Protan SE 1,2 mm Protan AS
FF-EPS 60S SILENT x     Protan SE 1,6 mm Protan AS
FF-EPS 60S SILENT     x Kerabit 3300 UTL + Kerabit 5000 Top Nordic Waterproofing Oy
FF-EPS 60S SILENT     x Kerabit 4000 Base + Kerabit 5000 Top Nordic Waterproofing Oy
FF-EPS 60S SILENT   x   Kerabit 5500 T (tai Unotech MB875P-FI) Nordic Waterproofing Oy
FF-EPS 60S SILENT     x Katepal K-MS 170/4000 + Katepal K-PS 170/5000 Katepal Oy
FF-EPS 60S SILENT x     Renolit AlkorPlan F 1,2 mm Renolit N.V. / Suomen Teollisuuskatot Oy
FF-EPS 60S SILENT x     Renolit AlkorPlan F 1,5 mm Renolit N.V. / Suomen Teollisuuskatot Oy
FF-EPS 60S SILENT     x Eurogum K-MS 170/4000 + Eurogum K-PS 170/5000 IKO NV / Varsinaisbitumi Oy

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  • Dimensions
  • Technical details
Value Unit According to EN 13163 Standard
Length 1200 mm
Width 600 mm
Thickness 220 - 330 mm
Value Unit According to EN 13163 Standard
Thermal resistance, Rᴅ 3,30 – 13,0 m²K/W EN 12667, EN 12939
Compressive strength, short-term 45 days, ≥ 30mm 60 kPa CS (10/Y)60 EN 826
Design stability 1 % DS (70,90)1 EN 1604
Water vapor permeability 0,015 - 0,030 mg/(Pa·h·m) EN 12086
Fire class FF-EPS paloluokka E. SILENT-massan paloluokka A2. EN 13501-1
Service temperature FF-EPS-eriste -150..+75. SILENT-massa -150..+1200