Edge-reinforced slabs

FINNFOAM LB-300 and LS-300 thermal insulation panels were designed specifically for the insulation of edge-reinforced slabs.

The LB-300 and LS-300 panels are made from F-300 strength class FINNFOAM (XPS) insulation material. Due to its fully consistent and closed cell structure, FINNFOAM is a durable, waterproof thermal insulation product. The high long-term compressive strength of FINNFOAM makes it perfect for protecting structures that are constantly subjected to load from frost and for insulation base floors.

Material: Extruded polystyrene (XPS)
Color: Light yellow


  • LS300 (Thickness 100 mm, width 600 mm, length 2500 mm)
  • LB300 (Thickness 100 mm, width 585 mm, length 2485 mm)

With an edge-reinforced slab, LS and LB panels function as the exterior walls of the mold.