Over the course of its forty-year-long history, Finnfoam has become one of the leading manufacturers of plastics-based thermal insulation solutions. The roots of our thermal insulation competence are embedded into the frozen Finnish soil. Finnfoam Group is known for quality, product development, and reliability.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way. Our strengths in designing and manufacturing thermal insulation products are crystalized as robust experience and novel thinking.

In addition to thermal insulation capacity, particular focuses of our product development and manufacturing include reliability, durability, easy installation, and material efficiency. The production lines for FF-EPS, FF-PIR, and FINNFOAM (XPS) thermal insulation have been designed to ensure good, optimized product characteristics at any thickness and to allow for rapid deliveries.

We are continuously increasing our production capacity, and today our insulation products are also manufactured in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, and Spain in addition to Finland.

We aim to ensure that we operate responsibly at each stage of the value chain and consider the economic, environmental, and social impact of our activities. We invest in the competence of our personnel, and we are always developing new innovations to further improve the effectiveness of our value chain. 

We believe in conducting our business in a sustainable and responsible manner, and we want to be a trustworthy employer, expert, and partner. 


It has always been Finnfoam’s goal to provide cost-effective thermal insulation solutions to its customers. One of the key objectives in the development of our products has been prolonging their life cycle.

Our innovative inventions have led to several patents and successful products, which also enable our growth internationally. We are keenly interested in contributing to the development of better construction practices and the improvement of public health.


Finnfoam is participating in a project, where compostable bioplastic is produced for the first time in the world using byproducts from food and feed production. The project involves Brightplus, VTT, and Nordic Soya. A pilot plant will be constructed in Uusikaupunki in 2021–22. In the future, Finnfoam aims to use the new bioplastic material in the production of thermal insulation for buildings. “The environmental friendliness of bio-based insulations is further increased by the fact that the thermal insulation also functions as a carbon sink, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the building”, says Finnfoam CEO Henri Nieminen.

Henri Nieminen
Managing Director
Director of Development
Finnfoam Oy

Teppo Nieminen
Chair of the Board
Finnfoam Oy


Year of establishment: 1982
Group personnel (2021): more than 280
Group turnover (2021): 178.5 million euros


In addition to Finnfoam Oy, the Finnfoam Group comprises Finnfoam AB in Sweden, Finnfoam UAB in Lithuania, Finnfoam Sp. z.o.o in Poland, Finnfoam S.L in Spain, Styroplast Oy in Finland, Estplast Oü in Estonia, and Cellterm AB in Sweden.

FINNFOAM thermal insulation panels are the main product of the Finnfoam group. The panels are made from polystyrene using the extrusion method, which allows for a completely consistent and closed cell structure. Similar materials are internationally referred to with the general term XPS. The highly environmentally friendly production method has been developed by Finnfoam.

The annual capacity of our plant in Salo is approximately 2.1 million cubic meters of FINNFOAM, i.e., XPS insulation products, and the facility includes approximately 50 000 square meters of heated space.



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Finnfoam S.L. Spain:


The business activities of the family-run company also comprise real estate transactions.
>> Leasing office space and commercial and industrial premises
>> Renting apartments

Fashion House in Helsinki

>> Fashion House


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As part of our responsible and ethical activities and good business principles, Finnfoam has implemented a channel through which you can report suspected misconduct in Finnfoam’s activities. You can report any suspected violations of laws or regulations, as well as serious breaches of Finnfoam’s ethical guidelines.

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