FF-EPS insulation products are excellently suited for use as supplementary thermal insulation for concrete sandwich element structures in repair construction. Installed on the outside of a structure, FF-EPS ETICS insulation products can also be used as a base for a new coat of render on the facade. The recommended insulation thickness for supplementary thermal insulation is 100 mm, and projects are typically carried out using 200 mm of supplementary thermal insulation. During a facade renovation, the insulation costs are marginal compared to rendering the new facade, which means that supplementary thermal insulation should be maximized wherever possible. The smaller the U value of a structure is, the lower the heating costs will be in the future.


Old low pitch roofs are typically equipped with quite limited thermal insulation. For this reason, at least 200 mm of supplementary thermal insulation is usually added to low pitch roofs. The supplementary insulation can be implemented using standard FF-EPS insulation panels that are covered with a bearing layer of wool and the new roofing, or you can choose to use FF-EPS SILENT, which features a SILENT surface layer that provides an incompressible and fire safe base for roofing by itself. The SILENT coating also provides an optimal foundation for solar panels and other technical equipment that is often installed on modern roofs.

In this repair project, thermal insulation was constructed by adding FF-EPS 60S insulation panels on top of the existing structure.