Gypsum surface


The FF-PIR 40/70 GYL panel consists of a 30/60 mm thick PIR polyurethane panel and a 9 mm thick gypsum board with tapered edges, which is glued on to one side of the panel at our plant. The panels have a rabbet groove on the longer sides with a flat edge at the ends. The FF-PIR 40/70 GYL insulation panels are designed for providing internal supplementary thermal insulation. FF-PIR 40/70 GYL provides effective supplementary thermal insulation in walls and roofs, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the insulation thickness. Particularly in renovation projects, this allows for maximal utilization of living space without thick insulation. FF-PIR 40/70 GYL products are suitable for both renovation and new construction applications.

Product Size Units/package Packages/pallet
FF-PIR 40 GYL 40 x 600 x 2600 mm 60 kpl/lava
FF-PIR 70 GYL 70 x 600 x 2600 mm 34 kpl/lava


Thermal conductivity: λ declared 0.022 W/mK (30 and 60 mm FF-PIR panels)
Thermal resistance: 1.35 m²K/W (40 mm), 2.75 m²K/W (70 mm)
Method of fitting: Rabbet on the long sides
Coating: 9 mm gypsum board + Diffusion-proof aluminum laminate

Foam: Polyurethane
Coating: The panel comes with a 9-mm gypsum board with tapered edges glued to one side and a diffusion-

FF-PIR GYL Gypsum surface

  • Dimensions
  • Technical details
Value Unit According to EN 13950 Standard
Length 2600 mm
Width 600 mm
Thickness 30, 40, 70 mm
Value Unit According to EN 13950 Standard
Thermal conductivity EN 12667
λ Declared 0,022 W/(m K) EN 12939
Eristeen lämmönjohtavuus
Thermal resistance, Rᴅ 0,90 - 2,75 m²K/W
Bending strength > 160 - > 400 N
Water absorption (FINNFOAM core) in long-term immersion < 2 til.-% WL(T)2 EN 12087
Fire class B-s1,d0 Euroluokka EN 13501-1
Fire class of the foam D-s2,d0
Service temperature -50 ... + 100, lyhytaik. + 200
Indoor air emission class M1