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We use cookies to collect data on the usage of our website to enable us to provide the visitors a better user experience and to develop the functionality of our website.

Our website is made available to everyone and does not require registration. However, some of the provided services may require you to fill in a form and accept terms. For example, users may choose to subscribe to a free newsletter on our website, in which case the information provided by the user and the date and time of submitting the form will be stored in our system in addition to identification data. The user may at any time cancel their subscription to the newsletter by clicking the button included in the newsletter. If you do not want us to gain access to your personal information, do not fill in any of the forms included on our website.

Identification data is stored to ensure the technical implementation, development, and use of our website as well as to support marketing. Only the personnel performing the tasks mentioned above have access to the identification data to the extent required by their assignment.


Our website uses Google Analytics, which, among other things, records the number of visitors to our website and the duration of their visit. Google’s privacy policy can be found at

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