In early 2015, the product range of Finnfoam Oy was expanded to include FF-PIR polyurethane insulation products in addition to FINNFOAM, FF-EPS, and the Tulppa wet room panels. This section provides information about the use of these products in different applications. The entire FINNFOAM thermal insulation product range is suitable for use as frost insulation and for insulating floors, roofs, and walls, as well as various types of supplementary thermal insulation. As frost and floor insulation, FINNFOAM is highly resistant to moisture, freezing, and load. After all, reliability is the most important property of frost insulation, and its insulating properties cannot deteriorate over time. The freeze-thaw-resistance properties of frost insulation products should always be specified. A prime example of FINNFOAM’s reliability is the first place it claimed in a frost insulation comparison conducted by the TM Rakennusmaailma magazine in the fall of 2011.

FF-EPS is best suited for use as thermal insulation for walls and roofs, where it provides a safe and highly cost-effective solution. It can also be used in floors that are not subjected to significant loads.

FF-PIR polyurethane insulation products can be used as thermal insulation in walls, roofs, and saunas. FF-PIR insulation products have a very high thermal insulation capacity, which allows for lower structural thickness.

The below list allows you to access each application directly.

Applications for each product group